Patient Information

Monday- Thursday 8:00am – 7:00pm
Friday 8:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 12:00pm

Galway Medical Centre bulk bills patients who have a current HCC/concession card and children under 16. Some other appointments may be bulk billed at certain times at the discretion of the doctor. No appointments are able to be bulk billed on a Saturday, which also includes a $10 weekend surcharge fee. All standard billing is as follows:

Level A Short 3 $37.20 $20.00
Level B Normal 23 $72.60 $35.00
Level C Long 36 $112.80 $40.00
Level D Extra Long 44 $152.15 $45.00

The above consulting fees are based on a discounted rate which is applied to payments made on the day of consult.

Fees current as of 13th August 2018

Accounts are to be paid in full on the day.

We submit your payments to Medicare for your refund. Please note, there is a GAP fee of $10-$50 for some procedures and dressings. The doctor, nurse or receptionist will advise when this is applicable.

Work cover accounts are to be paid in full until you receive a claim number from work cover. Then we can bill the insurance provider directly.

Due to the busy nature of the clinic it is not always possible to speak to the doctors. We normally take a message and the doctor will call you back when available or they will ask for an appointment to be made.

For referrals and prescriptions, you will need to make an appointment. In some instances, the doctor may provide one of these without a consult – this will incur a $10 charge for this service. Please note that referrals cannot be back-dated.

All non-disposable instruments are sterilised offsite within accordance with our accreditation standards. Our waiting room, doctors rooms, treatment rooms and toilets are wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes twice a day.

If patients are coughing in the waiting room they may be asked to wear a mask. If patients potentially have a serious contagious condition they will be isolated to prevent further spreading to other people and staff.

For your results, it is important that you follow-up the clinic with a phone call. Please allow a few days for us to receive the results back, or as stated by the doctor.

Our receptionists are able to advise over the phone if the result is ‘normal’, otherwise we will state that a follow-up appointment is required. If the result needs an urgent appointment, the clinic will call you directly without prompt to book as per the doctor’s instructions.

Our practice is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information at all times. Your medical records are confidential documents. We will not discuss your information with anyone without prior consent.

We follow the Australian Privacy Principals and Guildelines from the RACGP.

Please be aware that we are not allowed to confirm whether a patient is in attendance or has made an appointment.

All standard bookings are 10 minutes in duration, however, longer appointments may be requested.

As we have medical emergencies that require urgent attention, sometimes our clinic may be running late. Please be considerate to other patients and staff when waiting. If there is a delay in time for your appointment, please speak to reception and they will advise you as to where your appointment is in the queue.

Please advise us at least 2 hours in advance if you are needing to cancel an appointment. Therefore, we are able to call patients on our waiting list. Our policy states that if you fail to cancel your appointment in this timeframe the doctor will charge a cancellation fee which is non-claimable.

If you require a doctor after hours please call the locum service on 13 SICK (137425)

If you have feedback or a complaint, we would like to hear from you. Please feel free to talk directly to your doctor, the receptionist or the practice manager. Otherwise, you may prefer to write to us or use our suggestion box. We take all of your concerns, suggestions and complaints seriously.

If you wish to make a formal complaint in writing, you should address it to:

Health & Community Services Complaints Commisioner

Ph – 08 8226 8666

Fax – 08 8266 8620

Website –

We ask that all mobile phones are put on silent when you are in the clinic. If you would like to take a phone call, please do so outside of the clinic.

Galway Medical Centre is an accredited practice:

Attending an accredited practice is a guaranteed that:

  • Safe and sterile equipment is used
  • Patient records are secure
  • The practice is committed to ongoing education and training
  • Your rights and needs as a patient are respected
  • Regular improvements are made in services offered to you
  • Most importantly, you are delivered high quality patient care

In December 2017 as part of our accreditation, our practice asked patients to participate in an improvement survey.

Our overall score was 97%

We have listed the main concerns that you had:

We have restructured the appointments list to help in this matter

We have chosen our chairs based on infection control purposes as they are wiped down and cleaned twice a day.

The reason we don’t offer this in the waiting room is also for infection control purposes. Please ask the staff for water if required